Monday, July 27, 2009



Saturday, May 23, 2009

enough is enough!!

how will i react kung someone's bugging my life?..

actually not specifically me.. BUT intentionally me..
im sure its me.. my friends are sure its me..
why does someone can do such thing??..
duh?! as far as i know im not doing anything wrong...
im living MY life.. not their's!!

SH*t, it's depressing that behind my back someone so
immature can talk sh*t and wont leave me alone..
ano pa ba gusto ng ibang tao??..

duh! im so OVER that history!!..
so please may god bless those people who doesn't stop bugging my life!!..
KARMA nalang..

auko ng gulo or anything BUT i can take another immature act of someone..

im the type of person who doen't want conflicts..
i dont like confrontation or anything..
i just want a life of my OWN!!..

my life without any of those talksh*ts in it..

please let me live my life the way i used to..

Friday, May 8, 2009

faith i never had..

peo tlaga namang mahirap tanggapin tanggapin kapag dumating ung time na
sobrang hirap as in sobrang sakit ng nangyari..
khit na anung gwin mung pagtalikod at
paglimut wala pa ding nangyayari..
hirap ka pa din..
pilit mu pang sabihing kinaliumutan mu na..
di mu maikakaila na msakit..
you cant take away the fact that ur hurting deep inside..
your bLeeding and BROKEN..
but stiLL your fighting..
cOz you dont want others to think na your a failure
na you can't accept the things you have..
there are so many things in life na mahirap intindihin but
with faith in gOd everything wiLL be in place..
One day you'LL soon understand
WHY? gOd made you feeL the way you feeL now..

:)) glad..

a few years aGo when i turned siXteen..
and it ws then that i decided that i would start putting myseLf out there..
cOz i wasnt abLe to take risk..
my teenage years waiting for my crushes to take notice of me..but they didn't..coz maybe they dont know i have feelings for them or they dont know that i do first i was in denial..
there are times that i always complain to my guy friends about how much its hard to be girL..
the art of waiting..just wait and wait for there crush to notice them..
then they tell me thats it is also hard for them to make ligaw..
But they just didnt know how much hard it is for me to see my crush only from afar..
but unabLe to take risk because it is unheard in our society for a girl to finally make the moVe..
tHen sudduenLy something strucked me..
i would take risk..and let myself fall..if i fail i'LL stand up and try again..
sO there it beGAn..i decided to teLL my crush what i really feel for him..
i had no idea if he liked me too but i didnt care..i told him everything..
i wish i can say it turned out the way i planned it but it went the way i never intended to go..he "REJECTED" me..
our friendship is important for me..
so i found out that we were just friends..
i would stop hoping and finaLLy
find the one for me..
but as of stiLL singLe..
and as of him he has fOund the girL he Loves..
and im happy for hard feelings left in me..
if you would asked me if i would do it agai..
i would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat..
if i didn't do it..maybe im still pining on him untiL stiLL waiting but WELL now i can say that i moved on..i Left all my feelings for him in the past..
i realized that i was a lot stronger than what i expected i am to be..
i gained self respect..i loved lyself more..
i didn't let myself in silenced..i took stand and faced the consequences..
and it felt great..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what's with them??

i can even think of what word's to say..

im in the point that i no longer know what to believe..
it makes me makes me feel like im 
being fooled by someone i trust..
someone i love so true..

why am i feeling this way??..

do i deserve all of this sh*t happening 
behind my back??..


Friday, April 17, 2009

yeah right..

haist just cant think of words to say but..



my work..

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